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Dr. Febles riding in Banff, Canada
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13
Dedicated to improving the health and 
performance of your horse.
An integrative-holistic approach providing service throughout the state of Georgia & parts of Tennessee and Alabama
Equine Dentistry

Some indications of Dental Problems:

  • Head Tossing While Riding

  • Tilting Head When Eating

  • Refusing to Turn or Bend 

  • Unwillingness to Flex at the Poll

  • Weight Loss

  • Foul Odor From Mouth or Nose

Equine Dentistry

                Dental Procedures

  • Examination of all teeth & gums

  • Balancing of Molars

  • Balancing of Incisors

  • Extractions of Wolf Teeth & Caps

  • Extractions of unhealthy or fractured molars or incisors

  • X-rays  (stall side)


Just wanted to let you know that my daughter rode her pony, 
Peter, yesterday and he was a completely different pony.  Never 
tipped his head once while cantering and went around with his 
ears up.  Didn't take him long to figure out that he was 
comfortable again!  Thanks so much for doing such a good job 
on him.  I'm sure he'll tell me when he's ready to be done again.  
Hope you have a great Christmas and blessed New Year!!!!  


Hi Diane! the horses are doing great. The grey mare is doing 
really well ----- she actually finishes all of her grain, Yeah! I am sure we will see her putting on some weight. Thanks, it was a pleasure meeting you and hope to see you again.


Dr. Diane is so knowledgeable about equine dentistry but also about how the biomechanics of the jaw play a role in the whole health and soundness of the horse! She looks at the whole horse, not just in the mouth, and thus balances the whole horse. I highly recommend her!


Dr. Diane, 

Boys are doing good. Thank you for asking. Doc’s breath is much better and back end isn’t squirting! No oral discharge or swelling on either. Looks like you’ve done the magic trick!


Moses is doing great. He has been so much better in the bridle 
since having his teeth done.  I definitely noticed the difference 
and felt so bad that his mouth probably hurt him.  I am so glad I 
had you come.


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